Are Stieg Larsson’s novels really that good?

July 12, 2010

Bobz Book Reviews

I’m behind the curve in getting to Stieg Larsson’s trilogy, but with beach time on vacation last week I finally got around to reading “The Girls with the Dragon Tattoo.”

It’s a page-turner, for sure, with unique story lines and original characters, pretty bloody and sexually wierd, demented in fact, promiscuous assuredly. But I had to keep reading, if only to see if my guesses to solve the mystery were on target.

Although I’ve read better books, on a 10-point scale the first book in the series is probably an 8. That’s better than average, and must have been because I went out and picked up book No. 2 — and the current bestseller — “The Girl Who Played With Fire.”

I’d love to know what others who’ve read any of Larsson’s works think.

One question that has popped up in book No. 1 and already in book No. 2 that I’m not even 100 pages into: Do the main characters have to have sex with everyone they meet? Like right away, too? — bz

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