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Sensible words about government budgets: Catholic archbishop offered them

July 5, 2011


As the senseless, costly and harmful to humanity shutdown of Minnesota’s state government continues, and as the federal government looks to a similar shut down in a few weeks, you can go back to advice from a Catholic archbishop that made so much sense you want to force every legislator and governor to read it aloud — and then do something about it.

Archbishop John Nienstedt — six weeks ago! — offered principles on which a sensible budget could be fashioned. It’s in his May 26 column at http://thecatholicspirit.com/that-they-may-all-be-one/budgeting-with-the-common-good-in-mind/ and worth the time to read and send to your elected officials.

Just the fact that the Minnesota state government shut down meant that the state parks are losing $1 million a week ought to be enough to knock some sense into stubborn state decision makers.

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