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Blossoms are bursting early

April 19, 2012


Lilacs like these are blooming right now!

The calendar says April, but the blossoms on the trees say May. Just within the last few days, I have noticed lilacs and crabapple blossoms popping up all over town. So, I stopped for just a few minutes the other day to record them with my camera.

It didn’t take long. In the same block, I shot a beautiful crabapple tree, then simply crossed the street to photograph the lilacs. With beautiful sunlight illuminating them, I couldn’t miss.

I don’t ever recall lilacs blooming in April. In fact, as recently as last year, they didn’t bloom until the second half of May. So, they came a month earlier this year.

I have been nervous that this could mean an incredibly hot summer, but temperatures this week have plunged back down to normal, or even a little below. So, I’m feeling a little more at ease. I don’t like high heat and humidity, and I don’t think it’s certain if we’ll have that this summer.

I also don’t like extreme heat now because it can shut down the activity of the wild turkey, which I will be hunting this spring starting May 2. Still not sure how much the breeding will be ahead of schedule due to the early and warm spring. The males certainly were raring to go early, but biologists say hens don’t necessarily breed and lay eggs earlier. That has more to do with the amount of daylight.

The key for my hunt will be whether or not the hens have finished laying their eggs and spend most of their time sitting on nests. This is the time to hunt because the toms start moving around looking for hens and gobbling more intensely. I hit that time period right last year, and hope to do so again this year.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy the spring flower and blossom show!

Q: What’s your favorite spring sight?

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