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Now trending on Google, “lint”

February 22, 2012


At the time of this posting Google’s trending list of words most searched is as follows:

1.    kombucha tea
2.    ash wednesday
3.    brady quinn
4.    lent
5.    fat tuesday
6.    chris brown and rihanna
7.    king cake
8.    lint

Five of the top eight are Lent related. If you count “lint” which I am really hoping is just a function of typing too fast. It would ruin my day if millions of souls were going online to search out how to more prayerfully enter into “lint”.

Google’s customers are clearly interested in Ash Wednesday and Lent today. Google’s doodle? The 155th birthday of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, the discoverer of electromagnetic waves (see picture above).

It was a great blog controversy when the search giant chose Earth Day over Good Friday last year so I don’t think anyone expected them to put together a doodle of sack cloth, ash and fish today. But pulling out a 155th birthday anniversary of a little-know scientist feels like a stretch. Perhaps to have something in place to avoid the more obvious Christian holiday? This in spite of the millions of searches for Lent and other Lent-related topics. Mr. Hertz, with the help of the doodle, didn’t crack the top 20.

I have no standing whatsoever to tell Google how to run it’s business but I think the question is worth asking. What do you think?

“Is Google purposely avoiding Christian holidays?” Or maybe the better question is “Why is Google avoiding Christian holidays?”

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