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One Lucky Baby! Blessed by Pope Francis

March 14, 2013

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During his first full day on the job, Pope Francis took the time to visit with his new staff. One man placed a hand on his wife’s belly and asked “Papa” to bless the baby within. Speaking Italian the proud daddy said, “The baby is still in the womb. Five months…five months.” Of course the Holy Father imparted his blessing.

What a lucky baby! Or should I say What a blessed baby!

One of our sons is named after a pope. When he was young, if someone asked him, “What is your name?” He’d say, “John Paul after the pope.” Just think, Someday someone will ask that Italian baby the same question. And after that child answers, he or she will be able to add: “And I was the first baby blessed by Pope Francis!”

Isn’t that beautiful?

In his homily from April in the year of 2005, Emeritus Pope Benedict said:

“We are not some casual or meaningless product of evolution. Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed, each of us is loved, each of us is necessary.”

That Vatican baby’s soul was touched by the hand of our new pontiff. It was a blessing we can remember with hope. It’s sign that we are all part of God’s plan.

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