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Reporter finds religion covering the sex abuse crisis

October 10, 2011


A mainstream media reporter came back to the church after covering the clergy sex abuse story?

That sounds ironic, but that’s just what happened with Tom Breen, religion reporter for the Associated Press. Read a fuller account that includes a Q & A with blogger Sarah Pulliam Bailey at http://www.GetReligion.org.

Here’s an appetizer of what you’ll find there. Breen said he began covering religion stories because:

It was not only a fascinating topic, but it was one that not many other reporters were interested in covering, so I could pursue stories without stepping on any toes. I also had tremendously knowledgeable editors who were hungry for religion news. One of them put it to me in a way I’ve always remembered: compare the amount of resources the press spends on covering primary elections, he told me, with the number of people who vote in primary elections. Now compare the resources spent on covering religion with the number of people who attend a weekly worship service.

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