Fill in the blank: This weekend will be a blessing because _____.

November 4, 2011


Tell us in the comments section below why this weekend will be a blessing.


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  • Bob Zyskowski

    Granddaughters Ellie and Sarah are coming over for a sleep-over at grandma and grandpa’s, and they always bring a DVD of one of those great kid movies that I’d be too embarrassed to go see at the theater — or even rent myself.

  • Margo Mom stopping at 4

    I will have some time to finally look at all the cool things my great dad posts on FB. 4 hours is too far away, Dad!

  • Glo_r03

    I ‘ll be able to attend a Mass at the church of my choice;at the time of my choice with no government interference– thanking God with praise and thanksgiving to live in a free democracy–not perfect but free! thanks Lord!

  • Kathyschneeman

    We’re sharing food, wine and conversation with our friends and children (kids don’t get the wine!)