9 Reasons Catholics Go to Mass

November 29, 2011


According to Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley

Catholics come to Mass because we desire:

1. To respond to God’s love.

2. To encounter Christ in the most profound way possible.

3. To gather and pray with our parish family.

4. To strengthen our particular family.

5. To witness to our faith and provide a living legacy to our children and grandchildren.

6. To be transformed by Christ’s grace.

7. To participate in Jesus’ victory over death and the salvation of the world.

8. A foretaste of heaven.

9. To follow God’s loving guidance and to commit to deepening our relationship with 

Any of these at the top of your personal list? If your reason isn’t listed above, what is it?


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  • Bryan

    All well and good, in a palatable, non-threatening texture. We see how that’s worked out over the last century…

    How about:

    1. It is a precept of the Church binding under pain of serious sin, to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.

    2. We will die someday and face our particular judgement, and so need to be constantly nourished at the Altar of His Sacrifice for that day, after worthily receiving His forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

    3. Since we’re fallen human beings, it’s our privilege to assist at this foretaste of the heavenly banquet here on earth despite our sinfulness and unworthiness.

  • Athanasiuscatholic

    How about because we’re bound to by Church law and God’s will? And what in the world is that person wearing handing out Holy Communion? You couldn’t find a picture of a priest for Pete’s sake?

    • Bob Zyskowski

      Why does it matter from whose hand the Eucharist comes to us? Isn’t it the Body of Christ that’s the focus?

      • Becky

        Excellent response, Bob!

    • Becky

      It’s more convincing that people want to be there when not every depiction of the Mass involves a priest.

  • The commenters below forget that things are not true because the Church says so, but that the Church says things because they are already true.

    We SHOULD NOT be going to Mass because the Church says so. We SHOULD be going to Mass for the reasons above, which of course are why the Church tells us we have to go.

    This is why Vatican II resulted in the loosening of certain Church mandates. People were going through the motions because the ‘Church said so’ and not to get closer to God.

  • Carolemccorry

    I go to mass to celebrate and receive the eucharist as part of the body of Christ, to be spirtually nourished, sometimes I just go for the peacefulness of prayer.

    I go because my heart calls me to be there