Kwa Koke Earth Dam Visit

October 9, 2014

Kitui, Kenya Partnership

visiting dam

The Diocese of Kitui has experienced an almost devastating drought for some 10 years.  When it does rain, which is usually just twice a year, the ground is often so solid and dry that water runs off.  The partnership consisting of members from the Diocese of Kitui and the Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis came together to discuss ways to help with the water situation.

The agreed upon solution was to help them build large earthen dams, or cisterns.  These will collect and hold the rains that fall so rarely and provide water for livestock, farming and family use.  A program was set up in our archdiocese called H2O where children would only drink water for a specific time and collect coins that they normally would spend for pop and other drinks and offer it to this dam project.  Income collected went towards paying villagers a wage for helping to dig the dam. The villagers were very proud of their new dam, received a wage for their work and, best of all, it worked.

Dam 3

It worked so well that many more dams are in the works now.

The delegation was able to visit the Kwa Koke Dam that is in the process of being constructed.

Visitng dam 2

We are so lucky to have the natural resource of water and don’t know what it is like without it.  Just seeing these dams is a reminder of how gifted we are here with this resource.  I won’t look at water the same way when I return.