Kitui, Kenya Partnership Delegation Lives Change

November 7, 2014

General, Kitui, Kenya Partnership

Last night, the members of the partnership delegation to Kitui, Kenya got together for the first time since returning several weeks ago.  This meeting included Archbishop Nienstedt, who was a member of the delegation, and  Partnership Core Team members.  It was a time for sharing stories, assessing experiences, and most importantly, sharing how this trip had influenced and, in many cases, changed their lives upon return. And many of these reflections were transformational and inspiring. A selection of these comments are below:


“I go back to Kitui everyday.  This trip was truly life changing and now I look at things very differently.”

“Kenyans seem to live in the moment, not caring so much about worries of the future. They trust that God has a better plan in his own time.  What is amazing is that Kenyans seem to know this in their hearts and live that way.”

” I am reminded about what community is…how one’s daily life is entwined with others and how important and wonderful this is.  I need to be more present to other people and make the time to do it.”

“I was inspired by their faith and how they live it in joy and generosity. I came home with a sense of inner peace…it seems little things are just not a big deal.”


It was a wonderful night filled with laughter and friendship.  Lasting connections were made on the trip, both among the delegation and their hosts in Kitui, and many were eager to help host the delegation from Kitui when they visit the Twin Cities next fall.