The Third and Fourth Stations of the Cross

March 25, 2018

Food for Thought

Continue your journey to the passion and slowly meditate on the Third and Fourth Stations of the Cross.

The Third Station

Weakened, prodded, cursed, and fallen, His whole Body bruised and swollen, Jesus tripped and lay in pain because of our sins. Dust and blood were seen in His Holy Face when He looked up to heaven asking God the Father to let Him redeem us sinners.

Behold me, my beloved Jesus,

weighed down under the burden of my trials and sufferings,

I cast myself at your feet, that you may renew my strength and my courage, while I rest here in your Presence.
Permit me to lay down my cross in your Sacred Heart,

for only your infinite goodness can sustain me;

only your love can help me bear my cross;

only your powerful hand can lighten its weight.
O Divine King, Jesus, whose heart is so compassionate to the afflicted,

I wish to live in you; suffer and die in you.

During my life be to me my model and my support;

at the hour of my death, be my hope and my refuge. Amen.



The Fourth Station

There on the road to Calvary, Jesus met His afflicted Mother. They         looked at each other’s teary eyes. Oh, what sadness our loving Virgin Mother felt in meeting her suffering Son; truly, a sword pierced her heart.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, preserve in me the heart of a child,

pure and transparent as a spring.

Obtain for me a simple heart that does not brood over sorrows;

A heart generous in giving itself,

Quick to feel compassion;

A faithful, generous heart that forgets no favor and holds no grudge.

Give me a humble, gentle heart.

Loving without asking any return;
A great indomitable heart, that no ingratitude can close,

No indifference can weary;

A heart tortured by its desire for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Pierced by His love –

With a wound that will heal only in heaven.  Amen.  

 ~Prayer for the Heart of a Child, Léonce de Grandmaison, 1868-1927


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