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October 4, 2013

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If you’re a deer hunter who uses ladder stands, you might want to shop at Menard’s this weekend. I was just there this morning and picked up two ladder stands that I intend to put up soon.

They went on sale just this morning. The original price is $65.99, and it went down to $54.99. But, there also is a $15 mail-in rebate, which brings the price down to $40.

I have been pricing and buying ladder stands for years, and it’s very hard to find one for $75 anymore, much less $40. I have even bought them used on Craig’s List, and I think $70 was the least I have ever paid for one.

But, this is a very short window of opportunity. The sale only lasts through Sunday, or until the stands sell out. There were plenty left this morning, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were gone by tomorrow afternoon. I’m not sure if the sale has been advertised. Yet, I have no doubt thrifty hunters will find out about it and act swiftly.

I do need to make an important point about this stand – it is a bare bones model, meaning there is just a mesh seat and small standing platform, with no armrests or shooting rail.

That might make some people hesitate, but I have hunted out of similar stands without much trouble. The key actually is finding the right tree. If the tree is nice and straight, you should be fine. A small cushion is all you need, and the trunk will make a fine backrest.

But, beware of a tree that slants in the least, especially forward. A forward-slanting tree is the worst. It’s very tough to sit for very long because you feel like you’re always leaning forward. I like to lean back when I can, or at least stay straight. Thus, I think the straightness of the tree matters more than the type of ladder stand you set up.

The brand of this ladder stand is Sky Raider. I’m not familiar with it, but a friend of mine has used them before and says they work fine. I also have gone online to look up reviews (you can find reviews for just about anything on the internet). I have read more positives than negatives about this stand, and I’m not worried about it.

One nice tip I did pick up has to do with the pins used to keep the ladder sections together. Seems like the loose-fitting pins can rattle when you move in the stand. I have noticed this on other stands with these type of pins, but didn’t know where the noise came from.

Someone on a hunting forum said the noise is caused by the pins, which fit loosely in the holes and can make noise when the stand moves. The guy writing the post says he simply replaces the pins with bolts and the problem goes away.

Makes sense to me. I definitely will try that tip. It’s a quick and easy fix. Here’s hoping I can harvest a whitetail from one of my new stands this fall!


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