Planned Parenthood’s Site: a distasteful “McMansion”

September 4, 2011

Embracing Life

Planned Parenthood Site

Construction Site of the new Planned Parenthood in St. Paul

Planned Parenthood (PP) in the Highland area of St. Paul, performed 4,033 abortions in 2010–IN JUST ONE YEAR! PP is planning to close this location, and in December, open a new clinic off University Avenue, close to colleges and many lower income neighborhoods, and next to a McDonald’s. It will be easily accessed by public transportation so that desperate young women can more readily make the biggest mistake of their lives. At a proposed 46,000 square feet, it will be a “McMansion” of abortuaries.

Why is PP building this mega site (Besides the obvious fact that they want to make more money)?

They also want to make it harder for the sidewalk counselors to help the pregnant women embrace life. A proposed back entrance with a contained parking space will be a hurdle because counselors aren’t allowed on the PP property. But, knowing the good people at Pro-Life Action Ministries (PLAM), who train and organize these counselors, I’m pretty confident they’ll find a creative way to assist these mothers.

According to an article by pro-life activist, Jill Stanek, another reason Planned Parenthood is building this “McMansion” is that it is preparing for a possible increase in demand due to the Obama administration’s health reform law, which will add millions of people to insurance rolls in 2014. Sarah Stoesz, president and CEO of PP in Minnesota, said that many clients will be the lower-income and young adults that Planned Parenthood serves. “We don’t know exactly what health care reform will mean for our patients,” she stated, “But I anticipate that more people will access health care.”

It’s likely this mega building is being constructed so that PP can perform abortions on babies that are far along–which is a travesty. Why not counsel the mother to place her child for adoption instead of aborting him or her? And yet, Planned Parenthood is killing these little ones when there are so many couples waiting to adopt. At a prayer service on August 15, the director of Pro-life Action Ministries, Brian Gibson, who will be honored as a ‘Champion for Life’ by the Archdiocese  on October 6, told bus-loads of people at the site:

Planned Parenthood claims that this new facility, which is larger than a half city-block, is NOT about abortion. However, in all the years PP was in Highland, they were performing abortions during the first trimester. But unfortunately, this past summer they have expanded into doing abortions into the second trimester.

Mary Kunze was at the prayer service with her three children–Nicholas who is her biological son, and Thomas and Joseph who are her adopted sons. When I asked them why they came that day she told me, “There is another option to abortion and I wish people would talk about it more.”

Passing by this mother and me, were many teens holding signs that said:

  • “A person’s a person no matter how small!”
  • “Real men love babies!”
  • “Life is beautiful!”

What can we do?

1. Pray that the construction workers have a change of heart, and that this site is not built as a Planned Parenthood, but perhaps as a “true” health clinic. Kalley King Yanta (former Channel 5 anchor) helped Brian Gibson organize the prayer session in front of the PP construction site. She led us in prayer with: “Blessed Mother shut this place down!”

  • A mother’s womb should be the safest place in the world,” one sign at the prayer session read.

2.  Contact Flannery Construction and the other contractors who are building this mega-abortuary.  Tell them to show moral integrity and cease working on Planned Parenthood. (Click here to see the list which was assembled by PLAM.)

  • “Workers…you have a choice!” another sign stated, as we prayed for their hearts to turn.





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  • Bob

    What an informative post, Kathy. Thanks.

    • Kathy Schneeman

      Thanks, Bob!

  • James

    Is there a place for pregnant women to go to learn and discuss options available to them and their unborn child? As Catholic Christians we are well aware of the humanistic tendency to stand in judgment which is not our place. I am a prolife. I know there is always more strength in being for something like, Let us help you carry your baby to full term, also let us help you figure out what you will do once the baby is born. This stance and energy spent telling people how wrong they are just before they terminate their babies life seems to be a way for Catholic Christians to feel like they have stood up for the unborn babies. The mother to be probably already feels terrible about what she is about to do. Often times she has been talked into her actions by parents and does not know what else to do. Don’t kid yourselves; many of these parents are members of the Catholic church and never miss a mass.
    Where are we taking the position to show AGAPE for the mother and unborn child?
    Where can I go and read a big lighted sign on a clinic that says,
    PREGNANT? “What can we do to help”?
    The pamphlet for the clinic reads: No Judgment, No sermon, we just want to help. And then we keep our word and help.

  • Marcelo

    Biggest mistake of their lives? Do you have any idea how much is costs to raise one child from age 0 to 18? At least $250,000,00. Either you pay it, or the Government pay, for EACH! Please, regardless if you believe in abortion or not guys, get a vasectomy as soon as you possibly can. I did it at 23, and I have 0 kids. Having a baby is the WORST decision you can make. This world is horrible. I hate my parents for having me (they also had 2 other kids!!) don’t make the same mistake they did. What right do you have to put YET another life in the world? I sincerely wished my parents HAD aborted me.